About Xzine

Everyone. Photo Credit James Cridland

It's all about the X.

But what is the X? The X is you. The X is everyone. It's everything we do, everything we are.

What the articles in this magazine have in common is people. They are all about a person, someone unique and interesting. We love to interview people, in person or by email, and find the special things that make them interesting (and everyone is interesting--or at least entertaining). We highlight the things you do, and put them in a category. Find the categories that highlight the things you like and you will find people you like.

Every person in this world has something to contribute. Every person is unique. The goal of Xzine is to fill its pages with the living and breathing testaments to each and every person on Earth. It is a goal that will never be reached, but we will keep reaching. 

In everything we do in this magazine, we strive for richness and entertainment, to be informative and creative, to tickle your intellect and inspire you to be more than you already are. 

So read the profiles of each person, and the special features on groups of people, and discover the Earth as you have never known it. Its people are the heart of the Earth, and we beat strong, we shine bright, we fill the world with ourselves.

Please enjoy! 

If you would like to be profiled in Xzine, send us a submission from our Contact Page.

Feel free to comment on any article. Some comments will be need to be approved. Once you have been approved once, you will be able to freely comment. Keep it civil, please.

About the Editor

A picture of the Editor. Photo Credit Jennifer Jade

Matthew Ian is the creator and editor of Xzine. He is a retired website designer who works in retail as a supervisor. Xzine is a labor of love, and he spends what free time he has on it. He vets everything that goes on the site. 

He first started working on Xzine about 10 years ago, but got a bit sidetracked. He has a clear vision for the site, but expects it to go its own way, as a magazine often does.

Matthew used to be a meta-editor at the now defunct Open Directory Project (dmoz.org). He edited there for nearly 20 years, as a volunteer. He likes to put things on the Internet for people to discover. 

Now and then, you'll see an Editor Feature, which may not highlight a particular person, but instead will showcase a group of people. These are his own personal projects.

He hopes you enjoy browsing the Xzine Ezine.